Official Journal of IASL is “International Sports Law Review Pandektis” (I.S.L.R. Pandektis) published twice per year and bound as a volume every two years. Is directed by an Editorial Committee presided by DimitriosPanagiotopoulos Assoc. Professor, University of Athens.

Aim: The development and the promotion of the Sports Law Science worldwide. The presentation of authentic jurisprudence law cases, specialized legislation’s and courts of justice nationally and internationally. I.S.L.R.Pandektis basic goal is to communicate and deliver a scientific message of the emerge Science of Sports Law.

Publications: Articles and studies -based on sports law- are published into the I.S.L.R. Pandektis. Articles regarding the Sports relations (in the national and international level), and the sports organizations (their legal status and the law that governs their function), are also published in this volume. Studies about the labor relations in athletics and articles concerning the law of the Olympic Games are included into this volume of the I.S.L.R. Pandektis, as well.

Till now, there have been published 14 volumes of I.S.L.R. Pandektis (1992-2022).


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