In this issue is included:

i) Articles and Researches

In Sports Activities when there is Ludica, Lex is Not, but when Lex is, then only Lex Sportiva is !!!  As  a  Category of Sports Law (Dimitrios P. Panagiotopoulos)

A new Spanish Law in the field of doping. Quo Vadis Sport? (Elena Atienza-Macías)
The Proportionality of the Sanction’s Principle, According to the Italian and International Sports Law and Jurisprudence (Paolo Garraffa)
Legal doctrine concerning criminal liability of Sports participants for Sports-Related Injuries and its reflection in the Czech Republic (Michal Králík)
Sports Insurance Coverage: the Nigerian Reality (Ezekiel P. Mobolaji)

The Scope of the Labour Relations in Professional Sports (Olga A. Shevchenko)
ADR Techniques For Settlement of Disputes in Sports (Jalil Maleki
About the Experience of Legal Regulation of Professional Ethics for Physical Education Professionals in Brazil (Andrey A. Solovyev)

ii) Special Researches

Recognition and Enforcement of a Cas Decision in Greece
Alternative dispute resolution in Sports Disputes: Football hooliganisms

Preventing efforts against consuming doping of psychotropic drugs within Foot Ball Players at Foot Ball Organization and National narcotic bureau of Bali province
An Initial Investigation on the relation between Sport and Tourism the case of Greece
Terrorism and security of the Olympics
Recent Juridical Aspects Regarding the Sanction of Fiscal Evasions and Money Laundering in Romanian Football
A Constitutional Chart of Sport Management for New Demands And Higher Expectations In International Practice
The interdependent relation between Sport, Politics and the Media and the role of Lex Sportiva-Lex Olympica
iii) Abstracts of  20th worldwide I.A.S.L Congress , December  11-13 in Athens, 2014
Jurisprudence - Case law

vi) IASL News, EKEAD News Index


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